Professional Services

Ingram Micro offers technical and professional services to enable the end customers’ end-to-end IT Integration, IT Support, IT Solution Installation and Technology Technical Support through our resellers. Our technical experts, who have deep technical domain knowledge on key technology solution software and hardware management backed and certified by manufacturers, are able to walk through with customers, easing them of their concerns to focus on their business.

Presales Support

Turnkey solution architecture and sizing, total infra solution aggregation, into projects and tender technical write-ups

Joint calls with partners to meet end users

Cloud support into per-migration assessment

Ingram Solution
Centre/Security Lab/EEC

POC, delivery of partner enablement workshops 
Leverage on our Solution Centre for proof-of-concept, and/or demo/test

Ingram’s Security Lab to trigger needs and talking points with end users via our partners

Executive Experience Centre, Collaboration Needs

Implementation Services

Team of experienced engineers, to assist in project implementation

Project Lead will be appointed to oversee and coordinate with the reseller/vendor’s Project Manager, on-premise and cloud

Maintenance Services

We provide maintenance support services with cold sparing, up to 24×7×4, based on customer needs

Monitoring Services

Proactive monitoring as a service for end users via our partners

Education Services

Enabling your customers with the know-how and familiarity of the product they are using Ingram is an Authorised Training Centre for:  Veritas, IBM


Standard Start-up Services Package


Website Extraction Robot Package
  • Selection of up to 3 sites (1 data grid each) for data mining
  • 2 external data reporting repository (excel worksheet) and/or
  • Re-input onto internal system
Document Understanding Package
  • Gathering from (up to 2) difference source (Outlook, Web, etc.)
  • Inclusion of up to 3 document types/forms (e.g. invoice, PO, etc.)
  • Extract relevant data and import onto extra platform (e.g. Excel, CSVs)
Orchestrator & Test Suite Start-Up Package
  • Setup foundation pack for UiPath Orchestrator + 1 robot for sampling
  • Setup foundation pack for UiPath Test Suite (e.g. Orchestrator)
  • Setup (up to 2 test cases) scenario - Web-based applications


Cisco Secures Cloud Email -Quick Start Services
  • Configure mail routing policies, mail flow policies and content filters
  • Configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC
  • Configure forge email detection
  • Integrate with Microsoft O365/Exchange Server
Cisco Umbrella - Quick Start Services
  • Configure DNS/Web security policies
  • Install client agent on 10 desktops/laptops
Cisco Duo - Quick Start Services
  • Integrate cloud application (SaaS) for multi-factor authentication
  • Install soft token on 10 mobile devices

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Services

Customer Support
  • Hotline and email technical support
  • Monthly local currency billing
  • Comprehensive self service portal/reporting
  • Customized billing alert
  • AWS recommendation report (cost optimization, utilization and inventory report, RI recommendation)
Resource Monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring for core
  • AWS services, including EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, and CloudFront, VPN AWS resource threshold monitoring
  • Snapshots management 
  • VPC design including AZs, subnet sizing, public and private subnet layout
  • Managed security group and Network ACL
  • Security best practice
  • Configure and manage AWS CloudTrail and AWS CloudWatch


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